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I decided to try out Garcinia Because I was intrigued by the interview that Dr.Oz gave. I have tried everything out there and haven't had much long term luck, however, I got my hands on this which was a gift from my daughter in law, who knew I wanted to try out the product and I can tell you I never felt great!, I take the dosage as recommended on the bottom I did the cleanse first so far I have been down 18 pounds in 30 days! I cannot be more happier with my new healthy lifestyle! Thank you for this great product.

Natalie F

My weight has been up and down for years.,I watch my diet and exercise regularly but still was having no change in body tone. After a few weeks on the product my husband began noticing a change and asking me what else I added to my daily routine that has helped in this change. I told him yesterday I was taking Garcinia Cambogia and the Green Coffee Extract together. He said "Wow, whatever you are doing, I am proud of you, keep it up"! I am feeling better and now it is showing on the outside. So yes I am happy with results so far. I still have another 15-20lbs to my goal weight and will continue to use this product combo.

Jewel A

This product is good for boosting mind and memory resilience. Helped me to counteract the 'brain fog' that accompanies the onset of menopause. Have been taking the product for three months and definitely improves energy. Also seems to ease my seasonal depression (SAD) that I get in the darker winter months. Previously I just took Ginkgo alone and that was not as effective as the Gingko +

Ginseng combination.


I first came into this product after browsing for a natural stimulant that would boost my energy levels and also help with weight loss so after reading the positive reviews I decided to give it a try. The first week I started taking I noticed a diference on my mood and felt more energetic. I also have been working out more often and although I still have some pounds to shed I feel like this helped with loosing weight and I love that is all natural. I will definitely keep using this!

Carla D

I've been using this weight loss extract for a few weeks now and already see a noticeable difference. I will be upfront: I've combined this with consistent exercise and healthy dieting options but adding this green coffee extract to my day-to-day indulgence has made a WORLD of difference. I can't say enough good things about this product. THANK YOU!!!!!


I needed something to help with my appetite and sweets cravings but not make me more jittery because I do drink a lot of caffeine through the day.. THIS WORKS.. I not only notice a difference in my appetite, I see the pounds working off... Add this to your routine for the dreaded New Years Resolution and you will be keeping that resolution this coming year.... Works amazing....

R. Bieler

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