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Complete Mushroom Supplement - 10 in 1 Complex

Sale price$ 19.97 Regular price$ 23.97
Complete Mushroom Supplement Capsules - 10 in 1 Complex
Complete Mushroom Supplement - 10 in 1 Complex Sale price$ 19.97 Regular price$ 23.97

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Nice supplement

I didn't take this supplement right away as I worried about the mushroom taste as i am not a huge fan but it wasn't bad and seem to provide benefit. They size of the capsule are a bit large but not more than some other supplements. Take with plenty of water and you'll be good to go.

E. Price
Good stuff

It does work really good...

A great mix

These are the mushrooms I consume in various ways to help improve health so I am glad to see this unique blend in one bottle. A little bit light in volumn but not unreasonable for pricing. I'm starting for a few days. Nothing extraordinary yet but it may take some time to have noticable differences. I like how it's easy to ingest and digest. I tried to take a capsule apart and noticed the earthy flavor of the mushroom extract. Look forward to seeing long-term results.

James Wilks
broad-spectrum of mushrooms

This product is fine. I like the mushrooms included. I don’t like that some of these mushrooms are not extracts. The price is fine but you could probably find a better one elsewhere.

The benefits of mushrooms are amazing

The benefits of mushrooms are amazing and when I saw this product, I had to give it a try. I take this in the mornings along with my morning coffee.
They're average sized pills and go down quite easily with liquids

It Gives Me A Lot Of Energy

I like to consume mushrooms early in the morning as it gives me a lot of energy. I take two capsules with water or with black coffee on an empty stomach. I like GreenNatr Premium mushroom blend as it includes ten kinds of mushrooms. While I like the product, I would appreciate if the distributor GreenNatr had it tested for quality and content by an accredited third-party lab, which has now become industry’s best practice.

Great for brain health!

Lions mane is such an amazing supplement to take for cognition and brain health! These are easy to swallow, I highly suggest lions mane for everyone!

Flavor free, clear capsules

I ordered this because a friend of mine uses mushrooms for her well being. She suggested it try it. So, I'm giving it a try. We'll see. The capsule is made from veggies, so that's good. I've noticed zero taste when swallowing.